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the uses of disorder

"At a deeper level Richard Sennett has written a book, The Uses of Disorder [...]. Several different threads of thought are woven together in Sennett's study of "personal identity and city life". The first is a notion that he drives from the psychologist Erik Erikson that in adolescence men seek a purified identity to escape from uncertainty and pain and that true adulthood is found in the acceptance of diversity and disorder. The second is that modern American society freezes men in the adolescent posture — a gross simplification of urban life in which, when rich enough, people escape from the complexity of the city, with it's problems of cultural diversity and income disparity, to private family circles of security in the suburbs — the purified community. The third is that city planning as it has been conceived in the past - with techniques like zoning and the elimination of 'non-conforming users' — has abetted this process, especially by projecting trends into the future as a basis for present energy and expenditure."
Colin Ward. "Who's to Plan". Anarchy in Action.

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